We offer a range of apricot trees. If we don’t have something in stock, let us know and we will do our utmost to find it for you.

Available Varieties of Plum Trees

Dwarf Plum – Satsuma (Blood Plum)
Dwarf Plum – Mariposa (Blood Plum)
Dwarf Plum – Santa Rosa (Yellow Flesh)
Dwarf Plum – Elephant Heart
Dwarf Plum – King Billy
Dwarf Plum – Sugar
Dwarf Plum – Damson
Dwarf Plum – Ruby Blood
Dwarf Plum – Coe’s Golden Drop
Dwarf Plumcot – Spring Satin
Dwarf Plumcot – Flavour Supreme
Plum Tree – Primetime
Plum Tree – Plumscrumptious
Two way Plum – Flavour Supreme/Mariposa
Three way Plum – Flavour Supreme/Mariposa/Santa Rosa
Apricot X Plum Cot’n’Candy