U Pick and Orchard Tours

Our Fruit Adventure Tours take you around the orchard with an expert guide.  You’ll learn about our farming practices and discover what real fruit tastes like. Rayner’s is one of the leading u pick farms in Melbourne.

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A Different Kind of U-Pick

Please note our farm is different from any other fruit farm that offers U Pick – due to the large quantity of fruit varieties on our farm, you need to take a fruit tasting tour with one of our farm guides, in order to find the trees with fruit ready for picking & tasting! U Pick is therefore not available without taking the Fruit Tasting Adventure Tour.


Tour duration:  1 hour

Tours run every half hour from 9am to 4pm

7 Days A Week

Our five trailers can accommodate 150 passengers every hour

U Pick:  available most of the year


Adults $38.50

Kids (aged 6+): $32.50

Seniors $32.50

Junior kids (aged 2-5) $7.50

Little kids (aged 2 under) FREE

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We have over 450 varieties of fruit

Your Tour Includes

Trailer Ride & Fruit Tasting

Riding through groves of fruit trees with our guide on an orchard tour, sampling fruit varieties that are ripe and ready to eat. You’ll sample up to 8 different types of fruit.

Expert Guide

A guide to explain the wide range of fruit varieties, characteristics of trees and their fruit, and to take you to the trees with fruit ready for picking!

U-Pick Fruit

U Pick option available most of the year! During the tour you can pick your own fruit and take it home to eat. All fruit picked on tour to take away is weighed in our Peach Cafe at the end of the tour and charged @ $6 per kg.

Available All Year

Enjoy fruits such as tamarillos, pepino, kiwi fruit, yellow strawberry guava, feijoas, dutch medlar, pomegranates, persimmons, cumquats and citrus varieties such as mandarin and Australian lime, depending on seasonal availability.

The freshest fruit is the fruit taken straight off the tree. Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums and other varieties to select from. It’s the ‘Garden of Eden’ in the Yarra Valley… take a Tractor Fruit Tasting Tour through the groves of stone fruit trees, sampling the freshest fruit, and enjoying the company of an expert guide explaining about the fruit of our trees.


Our trailers can accommodate up to 26 people on each tour, we have one trailer with wheelchair access.

Tour Prices & Booking

Tractor tour duration: one hour

Adults: $38.50
Seniors  $32.50
Kids (aged 6+): $32.50
Junior Kids (aged 2-5) $7.50
Little Kids (aged under 2) FREE

Farmer Len and his team will guide you through the orchard with lots of entertaining and interesting facts along the way. Price includes generous samples of fruit ripe on the day, come hungry as there are lots of varieties to try (usually 8 – 12 varieties)

Tour Operating Hours

Tours  7 days per week, every half hour from 9am to 4pm all year round (last tour departs at 3pm and CLOSED Christmas Day).

Looking To Book A Farm Adventure Tour?

Contact one of the Rayner’s Orchard team on +61 3 5964 7654 or book online.

What our visitors are saying…


I had an amazing experience at the fruit farm today! Not only did I get to taste a wide variety of delicious fruits, but I also got to take a nice round trip around the farm. Our rider Brendan and his colleague Andrew were incredibly helpful and kind-hearted, making the experience even better. he farm

Azad R

Fantastic experience. Wide variety of fruits. The fruits are as natural as they come. Very juicy and full of flavour. Reasonable take-home price. Super friendly and nice tour guides. Family-friendly environment. I will take my family there again for sure.

Jonathan Soh

Was a great experience to pick your own fruits and eat them on the spot. you get to bring them with $6/kg. Guide Andrew was friendly and share with us how to pick them.


I loved the fruit bottling. The pear was scrumptious!  The pear was hard to cut because the knife was made out of plastic! We have to wait 4 weeks to eat them! It was so much fun.


When we went to Rayner’s Orchard we did lots of activities. My favourite was when we cut up the pears and put the syrup on top of them. First we got fresh pears and put them on our chopping board. Next we cleaned the pears by taking the skin off and chopping the ends off


At the orchard we tried 3 different types of fruit. The first fruit we tried was called a Pepino. It had a nice taste. The second one we tried was my favourite. It was called a feijoa. They were juicy, fresh, yummy and delightful to eat. The last fruit was the tamarillos which I didn’t