Want to experience Mother Nature at it’s finest ? If you have never seen a display of fruit tree blossom on mass before, this year you need to add this outing to your ” Must See on the Weekend ” list!  With dozens & dozens of rows of various fruit trees all in flower, the sight is spectacular, and make for a glorious backdrop to some stunning memories with friends & family.


Every year, from mid-August through to mid-September, the farm becomes engulfed in millions of blossom and creates a background good enough to come straight off a postcard, perfect for that one in a million shot of your friends and family (or a selfie if that’s what you prefer!) with the prettiest scenic backdrop!


Visit the farm and get the choice until late September. Do I jump on the fruit tasting adventure tour or the blossom tour or do both? Well, this year you can do both tours together—take our Fruit Tasting Adventure Tour, and you get to experience the fruit we have in season as well as the flowers!

Make sure you bring your camera, you are certain to be snappy happy with such beautiful surroundings! Blossom Tours running in conjunction with Fruit Tasting Tours, between 9am–4pm on demand, every day during Blossom Season.