Our nursery range is constantly changing. Please check with us if you are after something in particular to ensure we have this in stock.


Available Varieties of Fruit Trees

Pomegranate – Wonderful
Pomegranate – Early Valley
Pomegranate – Rosavaya
Black Passionfruit
Kiwi Fruit
Pineapple Guava
Strawberry Guava
Lemon Guava
Chilean Guava
Plum Cherry Tree – Little Chum

Macadamia Nut
Miniature Black Cherry
Stella Red Cherry
Morello Cherry
Persimmon – Ichikikei Jiro
Persimmon – Fuyu
Avocado – Lamb Hass
Avocado – Wurtz
Avocado – Fuerte
Avocado – Sharwil
Avocado – Bacon
Avocado – Shepard

Fig Tree – White Genoa
Fig Tree – Black Genoa
Fig Tree – Brown Turkey
Fig Tree – Preston Prolific
Fig Tree – White Adriatic
Fig Tree – Adam
Loquat – Enormity
Loquat – Bessel Brown
Prune Tree – Robe de Sergeant
Prune Tree – D’Agen
Chinese Quince
Quince Tree – Champion
Quince Tree – Smyrna

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