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Almond -Dwarf Self Pollinating 18cm$59.00
Apple -Granny Smith Dwarf$59.00
Apple -Red Fuji Dwarf$59.00
Apricot- Dwarf Moorpark 18cm$59.00
Artichoke -Globe$6.50
Asparagus -Purple$6.50
Avocado -Bacon 5ltr$89.00
Avocado -Edranol 5ltr$89.00
Avocado -Hass 5ltr$89.00
Avocado -Lamb Hass 5ltr$89.00
blueberries "blueberry Burst". 14 cm$29.50
Blueberry "Blueberry Kisses" 14cm$29.50
Blueberry blue 4"$19.95
Bush Peppermint 4"$19.50
Carrots Rainbow mulitple$6.50
Cherry -Dwarf Morello 18cm$59.00
Cherry -Dwarf Sir Don 18cm$59.00
Cherry -Dwarf Stella 18cm OUT OF STOCK$59.00
Cherry tomatoes 1$6.50
Cherry- Dwarf Lapins 18cm$59.00
Chilli -Devils Tongue *extreme heat$6.50
Chilli Aji Omnicolour$6.50
Chilli Aji Yellow$6.50
Chilli Carolina Reaper Advanced$30.00
Chilli Jalapeño seedlings$6.50
Chilli Naga Viper (heat 10) 1$6.50
Chilli Punjab$6.50
Chilli Punjab (heat 7) 1$6.50
Chilli Seedlings - Hot Red Cherry (Hot)(heat 2) 1$6.50
Chilli Seedlings - Orange Habanero (Heat 8) 1$6.50
Chilli Trinidad Moruga Scorpio Advanced$30.00
Chilli Trinidad Scorpio Choc Advanced$30.00
Chillian Guava plant$19.90
Chive Seedlings multiple$6.50
Chives -Common$6.50
Chives -Garlic$6.50
Curled parsley multiple plants$3.00
Dragon Fruit -Plant$25.00
Dwarf mulberry tree$19.90
Fig Plants - Brown Turkey$19.95
Goosberries -Cape$19.90
Guava - Strawberry plant$29.50
Guava -Lemon plant$39.50
Kiwi berry 2 plants + male plant ( 19.90 each)$39.80
Midyim berry 4"$19.50
Mulberry Black 4"$19.50
Mulberry White 4"$19.50
Nectarine -Fantasia dwarf$59.00
Nectarine -Flavortop dwarf$59.00
Nectarine -Tuscany dwarf$59.00
Northland Blueberry 4"$19.50
Onion Red Bunching$6.50
passionfruit Black 4"$19.95
Peach - Black boy dwarf$59.00
Peach -Angel dwarf$59.00
Peach -Golden queen dwarf$59.00
Peach -O'Henry dwarf$59.00
Pear Sensation$69.00
Pepino Gold plant$19.90
Persimmon -Ichikikei Jiro 25cm$89.00
Plum -Dwarf a-okay 18cm$59.00
Plum -Dwarf Mariposa 18cm$59.00
Plum -Dwarf Satsuma 18cm$59.00
Pumpkin Blue Hubbard seedlings$6.50
Raspberry Plants - Autumn$19.95
Raspberry Plants - Summer$19.95
Raspberry Yellow$19.95
Rhubarb Plants$14.95
Scotch Bonnet orange (heat 8) 1$6.50
Tomato -Cherry Dwarf$6.50
Tomato Beefsteak 1$6.50
Tomato Sugar Lump$6.50
Tomato Sugar Lump 1$6.50
Tomato Sugar lump dwarf 1$6.50
Waldo compact blackberry ( no thorns)$19.90

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