Citrus Season at the farm runs from early Winter through to late Spring, and features several dozen different citrus varieties along the way. Spring is the time for some orange and grapefruit varieties to produce fruit with sensational flavours, but you also get too sample some fruits that will surprise even  the most seasoned citrus consumer – have you tried a lemonade, an Australian lime, pink grapefruit or cumquat before?


 During the month of October, you can experience a unique mix of citrus flavours on fruit tasting tours, with Pick Your Own ( U Pick ) available on several citrus varieties every tour.


Fruit Tasting Tours run on demand every day from 9am – 4pm, and will take you on an hour long journey through the orchard, to experience our farm ” fruitopia ” – taste as much as you like during your trip , pick fruit from the tree to take home from $5 per kg.


For more details on our fruit tasting adventure tours, please check our Farm Tours page –                                          or contact us via email at – .