We offer a range of citrus trees. If we don’t have something in stock, let us know and we will do our utmost to find it for you.

Meyer Lemons

Available Varieties of Citrus Trees

Dwarf Orange – Navelina
Dwarf Orange – Washington navel
Dwarf Orange – Valencia
Dwarf Blood Orange
Seville Orange OUT OF STOCK
Finger Lime – Judy’s everbearing
Finger Lime – Sunrise Lime
Finger Lime – Green Sapphire
Finger Lime – Little Ruby
Finger Lime – Rainforest pearl
Finger Lime – Byron Sunrise
Finger Lime – Shiny Green
Native Lime – Red Centre Lime
Tahitian Lime
Kaffir Lime
Dwarf Tahiti Lime
Dwarf Kaffir Lime

Tangelo –  Minneola
Tangelo – Seminole
Red Grapefruit – Star Ruby
Grapefruit – Marsh
Advanced Lemon – Lisbon
Advanced Lemon – Meyer
Dwarf Eureka Lemon
Dwarf Meyer Lemon
Dwarf Japanese Seedless Mandarin
Dwarf Lemonade
Dwarf Emperor Mandarin
Dwarf Imperial Mandarin
Clementine Mandarin
Honey Murcot Mandarin
Double Grafted Citrus – Lemon and Orange

Double Grafted Mandarin – Emperor /Murcott
Double Grafted Mandarin – Imperial/Emperor
Buddhas Hand (great room deodoriser )
Loquat – Bessell Brown
Citrus Splitzer – Lemon and Lime
Citrus Splitzer – Lemon and Orange OUT OF STOCK
Seedless Valencia Orange
Cara Cara Orange
Ellendale Mandarin
Afourer Mandarin
Cumquat – Standard
Cumquat – Green

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