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Only one more month before we will have dozens of varieties of bare rooted trees sitting in a massive dirt pile waiting for someone to pick them, and take them to a new  ” forever ” home! We have some varieties the same as last year , and some are new to the range this year. We will be taking orders  from 9th May, check out our stock list below –  ( please note we expecting stock to arrive by 2nd June, please check  availability with us before you drop by – to cover any delivery delays or stock sell outs! ) – 


Trixzie Miniature Cherry – Black Cherree

Cherry / Plum cross Tree – Little Chum

Cherry Tree – Lapins

Cherry Tree – Royal Rainer

Cherry Tree – Starkrimson

Cherry Tree – Stella

Cherry Tree – Sunburst

Dwarf Cherry – Lapins

Dwarf Cherry – Sir Don

Dwarf Cherry – Stella

Trixzie Pear – Pyvert

Pear Tree – Beurre Bosc

Pear Tree – Williams

Asian Pear Tree – Nijisseiki

Pear Tree – Corella

Pear Tree – Josephine

Pear Tree -Packham’s Triumph

Mini Pear Tree – Paradise

Pear Tree – Sensation

Pear – Baby Face

Pear – Red A’Anjou

Pear – Ya-li

Pear – Nashi Chojuro

Pear – Nashi Nijisseiki

2 way Nashi Pear Tree – Nijisseiki / Shinseiki

2 way Pear Tree – Packham’s / William’s

Peach Tree – Crimson Rocket

Peach Tree – Double Jewel

Peach Tree – Tasty Zee

Peach Tree – Daisy

Peach Tree – Golden Queen

2 way Peach Tree – Double Jewel / Tasty Zee

Dwarf Peach – Angel

Dwarf Peach – Fresno

Dwarf Peach – Golden Queen

Dwarf Peach – O’Henry

Dwarf Peach – White Gold

Apple Tree – Crimson Crisp

Apple Tree – Pixie Crunch

Dwarf Apple Tree – Granny Smith

Dwarf Apple Tree – Red Fuji

2 way Apple Tree – Golden Delicious / Granny Smith

2 way Apple Tree – Granny Smith / Jonathan

Super Dwarf Apple Gala

Super Dwarf Apple Red Delicious

Super Dwarf Apple Red Fuji

Columnar Apple Cumulus

Columnar Apple Harmony

Columnar Apple Herald

Columnar Apple Pompink

Apricot Tree – Cot N Candy

Dwarf Apricot Bulida

Dwarf Apricot Divinity

Dwarf Apricot Fireball

Dwarf Apricot Moorpark

Dwarf Apricot Storey’s

Dwarf Apricot Tilton

Dwarf Apricot Trevatt

Nectarine Tree – Spicezee

Nectaplum Tree – Sugar N Spice

Nectarine Tree – Arctic Rose

Nectarine Tree – May Grand

Nectarine Tree – Fantasia

Dwarf Nectarine – Crimson Baby

Dwarf Nectarine – Early Rivers

Dwarf Nectarine – Fantasia

Dwarf Nectarine – Flavortop

Dwarf Nectarine – Royal Gem

Dwarf Nectarine – Sundowner

Dwarf Nectarine – Tuscany

Dwarf Nectarine – Tang-o

Dwarf Plumcot – Spring Satin

Chestnut Tree – Fleming’s Prolific

Hazelnut Tree – Red Aveline

Fig Tree – Adam

Fig Tree – Black Genoa

Fig Tree – Brown Turkey

Fig Tree – Preston Prolific

Fig Tree – White Adriatic

Fig Tree – White Genoa

Female Chinese Gooseberry Tree – Bruno

Female Chinese Gooseberry Tree – Hayward

Male Chinese Gooseberry Tree

Medlar Tree – Dutch

Plum Tree – Damson

Plum Tree – Green Gage

Dwarf Plum – Angelina Burdett

Dwarf Plum – Coe’s Golden Drop

Dwarf Plum – Damson

Dwarf Plum – Donsworth

Dwarf Plum – Green Gage

Dwarf Plum – Mariposa

Dwarf Plum – Santa Rosa

Dwarf Plum – Satsuma

2 way Plum Tree  – Flavor Supreme / Mariposa

Prune Tree – d’Agen

Prune Tree – Robe de Sergeant

Quince Tree – Champion

Quince Tree – Smyma

Persimmon Tree – Fuyu

Dwarf Almond

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