Fermenting Workshop with Wild Earth Mother



Have you heard that fermented foods are good for your gut health? What is fermented food? How is it made? What types of ferments are there? Chances are, you have eaten fermented foods before and did not realise it. Many traditional food preserving methods are actually fermented. Did you know your olives and pickled onions are fermented?
Sourdough bread, yoghurt, vinegar, even beer and wine.
This class will explain why fermented food is so good for you, why it is safe and the wide variety of ferments available.

You will learn to make five simple ferments on the day and take them home so you can continue to ferment for years to come. Create you own unique Sourdough Mother and Yoghurt Mother that will last a lifetime if you care for them properly. Make Sparkling Booch, a fantastic sugar free alternative to cordials , Sauerkraut and Kimchi.
Anyone can make these things and get well on the way to a healthier lifestyle.
A light lunch including breads, preserves and pickles will be provided.
** This class will require participants to bring a thermos.

Workshops running at the farm on the following dates –

Tuesday 8th January                 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 15th January               10am – 2pm

Tuesday 22nd January                10am – 2pm

Workshops hosted by Rayners Orchard, classes run by Wild Earth Mother – for more information and to purchase tickets, log into Wild Earth Mother website – www.wildearthmother.com.au.

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