I loved the fruit bottling. The pear was scrumptious!  The pear was hard to cut because the knife was made out of plastic! We have to wait 4 weeks to eat them! It was so much fun.


When we went to Rayner’s Orchard we did lots of activities. My favourite was when we cut up the pears and put the syrup on top of them. First we got fresh pears and put them on our chopping board. Next we cleaned the pears by taking the skin off and chopping the ends off . After that we chopped the pears in half, and chopped them in half again. We then cut them into little chunks. I needed help with that job! Finally we put them in a jar and put syrup on top. The syrup was made out of sugar and water. We poured the syrup in the jar and it was done! Now I have to wait for 4 weeks until I can taste them.


At the orchard we tried 3 different types of fruit. The first fruit we tried was called a Pepino. It had a nice taste. The second one we tried was my favourite. It was called a feijoa. They were juicy, fresh, yummy and delightful to eat. The last fruit was the tamarillos which I didn’t really enjoy as much. Most of the fruit was delicious. Many people enjoyed the tamarillo but not me.


On the bus ride I felt nervous. My tummy had butterflies swirling around like chaos. I said to myself, “Where are we”? Then we were at Lilydale and then on Schoolhouse road. It took one hour and 40 minutes to get there. In the window I saw some beautiful trees and a magnificent view. I really wanted to get out. I wished it was around the corner from school. I wish I could go every day after school. I think the whole school should go. It was amazing. It was a happy place to be.


“Awesome tour”

Oudmette family – New York USA

“Amazing variety”

Robert Enderson – England

“Awsome fruits and very friendly”

Salham and family – Indonesia

“Love the orchard and fruits and of course the host!!”

Agnes Hon – Singapore

“Very different had a lovely time”

Marion – Colac

“Fantastic day out”

Robert Roestorff – South Africa