Lots of Apricots now ready for picking, just in time for Christmas!  

Apricots, peaches, nectarines & more!  Pick your own available on all fruit tasting tours & also for purchase in the farm shop. Fruit tasting tours run on demand all day from 9am – 4pm. Tours run for an hour each – get to sample some fruits you have tasted before – and others that you may not have even heard of! U Pick on offer on all tours – all fruit picked to take away is weighed once you return from your tour, and charged at $5 per kg – you won’t get fresher than picked straight off the tree! 

Remember Apricot season only lasts a few  months so come on up and get your stone fruit fix while you can! Our Apricots are only available from our farm on fruit tasting tours, from the farm shop or from local farmers markets.